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Health drinking ——Wheat Grass Powder
May 24, 2017

Health drinking ——Wheat Grass Powder


Wheatgrass (Agropyron), is a plant, is a unique wheat, it is a red berries after mature. The leaves can be squeezed into juice or ground into powder after dried. Unprocessed plants contain large amounts of cellulose, the cellulose is difficult to digest. But it also contains chlorophyll, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and so on.


There are detailed records in the "Compendium of Materia Medica", the writer is Li Shizhen in China's Ming Dynasty:  "wheatgrass spicy, cold, non-toxic, attending consumption of alcohol, storm, jaundice, eyes yellow, pound juice small intestine ... ...".


Nutrient content

Wheat grass is one of the most abundant sources of natural vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. 

Minerals are the roots of vitality of green leaves and the core of all living creatures. Wheat grass contains calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, sodium, cobalt and zinc and other minerals, which is particularly important potassium.

It also contains a zinc, copper and other special ions of the SOD enzyme, and the content of up to 0.1%. SOD for arthritis, interstitial inflammation of collagen disease, rhinitis, pleurisy and other inflammation have a specific effect.
Amino acids
The seventeen kinds of amino acids contained in wheat grass. Such as: Amine acid;Isoleucine;Leucine;Tryptophan;Phenylalanine;Threonine;Amine isovaleric acid;Methionine.
The other amino acids contained in the wheat grass are summarized as follows: alanine; spermine; tryptophan; bran acid; glycine; histine; proline acid; ; tyrosine.

Other nutrition
Wheat leaves contain high levels of vitamins and plant hormones, the old leaves are more minerals. While wheatgrass can supply the most direct and most economical protein. Wheat leaves contain tryptophan, which can be short.
In addition, in the doctor's study of wheat grass, also found to reverse the growth of abscisic acid. Wheatgrass is the only way to know that a large number of abscisic acids can be obtained.


Nutritional Life

With today's food variety, we can not only consume Wheat grass powder with warm water, and also mix with other foods,which makes it delicious and more healthy. For example, we can mix Wheat grass powder with yogurt , or mix with juice for a ice cold drink, we can also mix Wheat grass powder with soybean milk, Yakult, milk, honey and so on. Creative pastry chef even use Wheat grass powder in cakes, cookies and pastries, which are delicious and beautiful.



Wheat grass powder has a wide application, such as medicine and health, industry and industrial chemicals, household chemicals, convenience food, etc. Products include medicines, health products, soap, toothpaste, cookies, cakes, solid drink and so on.

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