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Rutin Can Control The Weight Effectively
May 24, 2017

Rutin can control the weight effectively


Recently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences researchers for animal experiments show that by eating citrus, grapefruit, cranberry and mulberry and other fruits, which contains flavonoid rutin substances can effectively activate the body of brown fat tissue to promote energy metabolism, Which may be possible for the treatment of metabolic syndrome disease to find new ways.
Researchers used two groups of rats with hereditary obesity and dietary obese mice to experiment with the daily addition of a certain amount of rutin in their diet. After a while, the researchers found that both groups of mice were effective in reducing body weight , Energy consumption is also greatly improved.

It is reported that the body's metabolic problems are mostly due to energy use and storage dysfunction caused. Such as obesity, etc., and always with high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol and other diseases can not be separated from the relationship. The experimental results show that the rutin contained in the fruit can effectively interfere with the formation of blood clots in animals and has proven to be a good way to dietary supplements.

However, according to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) report in 2010, there is insufficient evidence that rutin is beneficial to the health of the human body and to the circulatory system.

Chinese Academy of Sciences researchers said that the effectiveness of rutin has caused the industry is currently safe and effective way to treat obesity and related diseases of interest.

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